Introduction to Securo

Securo is building DeFi infrastructure protocol, "DeFi Middleware"

Securo makes DeFi accessible with an all-in-1 API - DeFi Middleware

Securo is an all-in-1 API solution for web2 developers, fintech, crypto neo-banks, traders, and liquidity providers to build, manage and invest in DeFi. The smart contracts connected to the Securo API solution integrate web3 wallets and DeFi protocols, provide fiat-to-crypto payment, token swap, and fund deployment to on-chain liquidity pools, yield farm, and auto-compound the rewards for your users automatically.
We at Securo believe blockchain technologies will power the future of finance. Our focus is to build innovative, easy-to-use web3 infrastructure and solutions that prioritize accessibility, transparency, and best-in-class products.

How it works

The product is currently live on mainnet as a beta. Try it out at
Backed by Techstars Launchpool Web3, Outlier Ventures, and Alphabit, Securo Team has a proven track record in building and running tech products and business, both TradFi & DeFi, ex-Google, Standard Chartered Bank, and more.
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