Release Notes

Securo V2 (17 Nov 2022)

What's new?

  • Rebranding to new logo and brand name to Securo from Securo Finance.
  • New email design are added for all the email notification.
  • Added real time notification on Securo Dashboard.
  • Added notification setting on Securo Dashboard.
New product features:
  • Multi-chain decentralisation exchange (DeX) swap
Support DeX swap feature in REST API. Read more
  • Gas-less blockchain transactions with Biconomy integration
Support gas-less blockchain transaction by integrating Biconomy SDK. This feature supports all the non-native token transaction in index funds and multi-chain swap. Users can swap/deposit/withdraw the non-native tokens without paying any gas fees during execution.
  • On-ramp payment (Fiat-to-crypto)
Fiat-to-crypto feature is available in Securo in REST API. We partnered with Transak by integrate Transak Widget UI in API in order to provide better developer-friendly to developers. Read more
  • Improve security protection for REST API
In order to have better user experience and higher, we added rate limit mechanism to improve our server scalability. Also, we added API logging services and IP whitelisting for API access to have better insights for developers, will be useful to debug and monitor all errors occurred if any.
Upcoming milestones:
  • Developer Portal
  • New Securo Dashboard Design Revamp
  • Social Login support in Securo

Securo V2 (20 Sept 2022)

What's new?

New product features:
  • Added Index Funds with Transaction Session API support
  • Created sandbox environment for developer testing and integration
  • Added Webhook support for the REST API

Securo V2 (12 Aug 2022)

What's new?

New product features:
  • Added API key and secret key support for private API
  • Added non-custodial support for Index Funds (LCI, MWI)

Securo V1 (17 July 2022)

First launch release notes

  • Securo Dashboard is launched!
  • Features:
    • Signup & Login
    • Account Management
    • KYC verification (by Securo)
    • Index Funds Strategies (LCI, MWI, BNI)
    • Portfolio Balance Management
    • Transaction History