Developer Dashboard

Securo offers Dashboard to different user roles, which are included developers and retail users. There are two portal supported for both of them.

Developer Portal

This helps developers to monitor all the API request and activity logging based on their API integration. Also, it support sandbox data during their developer, which useful to verify the expected result from various products.
Also, developers can manage API key and webhook related stuff on the dashboard, so it helps developers only focus on the API integration.

Investment Portal

This allows retail users to check their portfolio balances and transaction history. They can manage their account profile and notification setting.


Securo users are able to receive notifications via frontend application, such as, Slack, Telegram, Discord & Email. Users are allowed to enable or disable the notification received on the Settings page.


  • Notification history to view all the notification received.
  • Real-time notification receive in Dashboard, implementing Push notification mechanism.
  • Email notification and Telegram, Slack and Discord integration.

API key and webhook management

API key and secret key are useful to access and get authenticated with Securo private APIs.
Therefore, developers are required to generate the API key and secret key on Developer Portal. They can setup the whitelisted IP addresses and some permission controls for specific API key.
Also, developers can configure webhook endpoints in order to receive the Securo webhook event.


  • Create new API key and serect key
  • Assign permissions and whitelist IP address to the API key
  • Setup Webhook endpoints
See here for more information about the API key used in API integration.